The tale of Art

India is a country that has its roots in community living. And while living in a community apart
from the regular activities one key development was Craft. Crafts helped people have a creative
outlet, brought members of the community together, provide a livelihood, and above all give a
visual representation of the culture.
Even though the lifestyle that our ancestors followed has evolved largely, craft has survived the
storm of time. And even today there are brands, organizations, and persons that are bringing
craft to the forefront.
We at Label Aayushi Pathania believe in bringing traditional crafts to the forefront. Located in
the city of Jaipur which is known worldwide for its crafts, our designs are craft centric. Starting
from Gota Patti, Bandhani, block print, screenprint, hand embroidery we use a wide range of
crafts to beautify our products. Bespoke tailoring is another feather in our cap that we adorn.
Handmade products with a modern twist are our USP. Be it party wear, wedding, a casual
evening outing, brunch, and any possible occasion that you could think of, we could provide
apparel for them. Shop with us and see yourself transformed into a chic modern royalty
beautified by our handcrafted graments.